Cienegas Terrace Commercial Shingle Roofs

Why choose Shingle Roofing?

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most frequent kinds of roofing materials in use on sloped roofs in Cienegas Terrace, TX. Unlike flat roofs, shingle roofs often add to the design and style of a commercial construction. Obviously, if they are worn or storm-damaged, they can certainly turn into an otherwise attractive construction into an eyesore.

While 5 Star commercial roofing is better known for flat roofing installations, we can certainly manage large shingle roof jobs. From churches, to schools, to hotels and condominium complexes, no job is too large for us. Schedule an appointment today to have a complimentary, no obligation roof inspection and review. We’ll write up an estimate, and in case you have an insurance claim, we could even meet your insurance adjuster to make sure they see the damage too.

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asphalt shingles 5 star commercial roofing

Shingle Roofing in Cienegas Terrace

Shingle roofs are everywhere in Texas. It appears that everyone using a nail gun and a truck believes that they can install shingle roofs, too. But even experienced insurance adjusters often miss components of a shingle roof system. Or worse, they often indicate a repair when a full roof replacement is needed.

Cienegas Terrace Commercial Shingle Roofs shingle inspection
From valley material and ridges, to starter strips, proper border overhang, and flashing replacement and installation, there’s a lot more to shingle roof setup than simply nailing a shingle to the deck. We’ll be sure that all the needed materials are included on your estimate, and your roof is installed properly.
We’ll also check for proper ventilation of the roofing system. Improper ventilation is among the biggest causes of asphalt shingles don’t survive as long as they need to. If the roof overheats, it can cut the life span of a roof in Cienegas Terrace in half. So when we are up assessing your roof and writing up an estimate, we will make sure the ventilation system is sufficient to meet with the shingle manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Hail Damaged Commercial Shingle Roofing in Texas

Hail damage on shingle roofs can be difficult to spot. But if your roof has hail damage, it will have it across the entire roof. Adjusters even miss the damage sometimes. In case you have reason to think you have hail damage, we’ll check for this. And if it does, we will find it, and document it. Hail rarely causes leaks directly, but it degrades shingles and drastically reduces their protective purpose. Time is limited to get a complete roof replacement paid for following a hail storm, so don’t wait us out to assess your roof for hail damage.

If your shingle roof in Cienegas Terrace is damaged, or you think it might be, schedule a free roof evaluation. We’ll come onsite and inspect your roof for damage. We can also determine if there is underlying moisture, and help you determine the best approach to get your roof dried back in. 

Our Strategy for Cienegas Terrace

We’re proud that our we offer top-notch roofing services for all of the Texas panhandle! With us you’ll never feel like the roofers are fly by night. Besides, we stand behind 100% of our work!



We provide free roof inspections and write a competitive estimate..



We repair or replace your roof with quality materials and workmanship from start to finish.



We guarantee you’ll be happy with our work, and we guarantee it will last, or we will make it right.

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asphalt shingles 5 star commercial roofing

asphalt shingles 5 star commercial roofing

asphalt shingles 5 star commercial roofing

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Cienegas Terrace Commercial Shingle Roofs