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5 Star Commercial Roofing is a roofing contractor specializing in commercial and industrial roofs. We offer hail damage roof repair, wind damage repairs, storm damage repairs, as well as complete replacements for your damaged commercial roof. Whether you’re looking to file an insurance claim or just want to get a quote on your next new installation, we will help!

Hail can cause devastating damage to your property, but it’s often hard for you or others to detect – especially up on the roof. Promptly filing a hail claim on your commercial roof insurance is important because undiscovered storm-related structural damage could lead not only to major repairs and expensive replacement costs in the near future, but also safety concerns like water leaks which risk causing mold and other hidden water damage.

When to Check for Hail Damage Roof Replacement in Eldorado

Following any large rainstorm in Eldorado, Texas that includes possible hail activity on commercial properties causes danger of severe financial harm when business owners don’t check their roofs immediately following the storm. There are certain types of problems caused by hailstorms that may not be detected unless they’re checked out right away before things get worse.

If you’re not sure if you have hail damage, you should call a local roofing contractor for a free roof inspection. Your 5 Star Commercial Roofing storm damage specialist can come evaluate your roof for storm damage, and help you determine the best course of action.

Roof damage from hail can appear cosmetic at first. When a storm comes through and pelts the area with some hefty hailstones, roofing can sustain costly damage. It may take as long as three years to detect or cause any leaks in your building. Commercial flat roofs have been known to go undetected for even longer than residential ones, so make sure to have your roof inspected thoroughly after severe weather events!

Eldorado Hail Damage Roof Replacement

Hail damage commercial roof insurance claims for storm damaged or hail-damaged buildings require prompt notification. It’s important to report the damage to your roof as soon as possible. When you file a claim, your carrier will send an insurance adjuster out to inspect your roof and assess the condition of your roofing materials.

Eldorado Hail Damage Roof Replacement

Insurance companies can make the process can seem complicated, but a roofing company like 5 Star Commercial Roofing in Eldorado can meet the adjuster, determine the extent of the damage to your roof from the hail storm, wind storm, or other storm damage.

Hail is the least obvious of the types of storm damage, but roofing contractors see the evidence from hail damage every day, whether on shingle roofs, flat roofs, or metal roofing. If your roofing company is a storm damage professional, like 5 Star Commercial Roofing, they’ll be best equipped to give you a thorough estimate for the storm damage repairs or roof replacement services needed.

This is why it’s important for your contractor to meet with the adjuster. A good contractor will be professional during the inspection, will be able to point out damages from winds and hail in Eldorado, whether major and severe, or from minor storms. If there was damage caused by weather or storms, your roofing company will make sure the adjuster sees it and understands all the materials and services needed for a professional roof repair or roof replacement.

Eldorado Hail Damage Roof Replacement

When it comes to restoration of your building’s roofing system, whether the hail damage repair needed is just to replace a few components with a roof repair, or if restoration will require a completely new roof, you want to make sure that you get the most value out of your claim for your commercial roof in Eldorado.

Too often, an adjuster will come out and inspect the roof, not really taking it seriously. Some roofing companies take advantage of homeowners and business owners’ lack of understanding of insurance. They’ll offer to do a quick repair, asking you to pay the small amount insurance sent up front for your claim. Their strategy is to repair as many roofs as possible, for a few bucks each, then move on to the next storm in another state.

Eldorado Hail Damage Roof Replacement

When the insurance company sends an adjuster to come out to do an inspection of your damaged roof, they are often looking to pay as little as possible on the call. They know that these unscrupulous contractors are out there, little more than handymen following high winds and offering hail damage repair services for whatever insurance paid. Since most people don’t understand roofing, they don’t realize that the claim will be closed, and this “service” of a damage repair job will usually not last a year. Then it’s too late to open the claim again.

5 Star can help you through the insurance claims process for your commercial roof. As a roofing contractor, we cannot negotiate with the insurance company, but we can identify roof damage that they might miss after a hail storm in Eldorado. We can create a complete and professional estimate for damage repair for your insurance claim, whether it’s for hail damage, wind damage, or other types of storm damage to your roof. If the property damage caused by weather is covered by your policy, it should be repaired correctly the first time, because you can’t file multiple insurance claims for the same storm damage.

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When you think you might have an insurance claim for wind damage, hail damage, or other storm damage, call 5 Star Commercial Roofing for a free roof evaluation. There is no cost for an evaluation. We can handle shingles, flat roofs, metal roofs, and all other types of commercial roofing across the  Eldorado area. We can do the work while minimizing impact to your business. And whether your roof is repaired or replaced, our service will leave you with peace of mind. Give us a call about your roof today! Our contact information is in the footer, or you can use the form so we can get back with you. Don’t neglect your property, have us out to check your roof today!

Eldorado Hail Damage Roof Replacement

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