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Who Needs a New Roof?

There are really three main reasons you might need a new roof in the Brushy Creek, TX area 

1) You’ve got storm damage. With our commercial experience, we can help you get your roof replaced through your insurance, if it’s covered. There are a lot of homes with storm damaged roofs in Brushy Creek, Texas, and many of the owners don’t even realize their roof sustained damage. We’ll write a roof replacement or a roof repair estimate for you to send to your insurance company. You could get a new roof for just the cost of your deductible. 

2)  Your roof is worn out. The sun in Brushy Creek beats down on roofs, and eventually they lose granules, the shingles start to curl, and they become brittle and lose their waterproofing ability. Even if there’s no storm event, eventually roofs wear out and need to be replaced. If this is you, we’ll give you an estimate to give you a brand new roof at a competitive price. We even have financing options available.

3) You want a new look for your home. Your roof is one of the main features on your house. If it’s starting to look dated or worn, maybe it’s time to update or change its look. There are many different options, from premium laminated shingles, tile roofs, slate or metal shingles, and metal roofs. We can come out and give you an estimate for what it would take to update your home’s look with a brand new roof.

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Brushy Creek Residential Roof Replacement

What's involved in roof replacement?

The most common types of roof in Brushy Creek, TX is an asphalt shingle roof, so here’s a little bit about what to expect with a residential roof replacement. 

1) Free Estimate.  We’ll measure your roof (which is usually done with satellite based services), evaluate your roof to check for accessories, vents, and flashings, and then write up an estimate based on these criteria.

If you have an insurance claim for storm damage, we’ll help you submit this estimate to your insurance company. This often results in a full roof replacement, for the cost of your deductible. (We can’t waive or pay your deductible, that’s illegal – even if Billy Bob Roofing offers to do so, both you and the roofer can face legal issues). But there is financing available for the deductible. 

If it’s not an insurance claim, we’ll still give you a competitive price, and a warranty on workmanship, of course. And there is financing available for this, too.

2)  Materials Arrive. We’ll order all the materials, which will arrive at your home shortly before your job is scheduled. 

3) Construction Time. The roofing crew will arrive early on the scheduled day to begin work. They’ll remove the old roof, and install the new roof. If the job will take more than one day (many take two or three), they will make sure that your roof is not exposed to the elements unless there is zero chance of rain before the roof is complete. 

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residential roofing 5 star roof

Our Strategy for Brushy Creek

We’re proud to offer top-notch residential roofing services for all of the West Texas! With us you’ll never feel like the roofers are fly by night. Besides, we stand behind 100% of our work!



We provide free roof inspections and write a competitive estimate..



We repair or replace your roof with quality materials and workmanship from start to finish.



We guarantee you’ll be happy with our work, and we guarantee it will last, or we will make it right.

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