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Is A Metal Roof Worth The Extra Cost?

Standing seam metal roofs typically cost about two times the cost of a shingle roof. That fact alone is misleading, though. Metal roofing can also last much longer than shingle roofs. An average shingle roof lasts about 15 years. A quality, properly installed standing seam metal roof can last more than 50 years. It may well be the last roof you ever buy.

You can trust 5 Star commercial roofing to handle all of your metal roofing needs. From full replacement, or patching and repair, to upgrading from another roof system, we’ll handle all your metal roofing needs. Schedule an appointment today to have a free, no obligation roof inspection and evaluation. We’ll write up an estimate. If you have a storm claim, we can meet your insurance adjuster, too.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is popular on pitched commercial roofing, due to its durability and appearance. Metal can lend a sophisticated, sleek look to a building. Metal roofing has it’s own set of unique issues when it comes to the types of damage and problems common to metal roofs, as well as installation and repair methods.

Drawbacks to Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can be loud in the rain if they are not well insulated. You can hear every raindrop, acorn, or dead twig from a tree falling onto the roof. So it’s important to get sufficient insulation to sound proof it.

Poorly installation can cause significant problems. We’ve seen valleys, flashing, and eave trim installed backwards, channeling water into the building. These types of roofs are somewhat difficult to install, which is part of the higher price.

Thin metal dents from hail. If a contractor tries to sell you 29 gauge metal, beware. A bad hail storm can leave that roof looking like a road sign on a country dirt road. Amarillo gets hail, of course, so make sure you invest in at least 26 gauge or thicker metal.

Lesser quality metal roofs with inferior paint will fade and turn chalky in the sun, and even may crack and peel. This coating is what protects the metal. There are a number of coatings you can get, such as galvume, which hold up better than the cheaper paints.

What to Know About Metal Roofs and Insurance

If you pay more for a metal roof, you may get a discount on insurance. Sometimes, this is because your carrier will add a cosmetic damage exclusion. Almost every roof covering can be damaged if the hail is big enough. If your roof is excluded from cosmetic damage, and it gets dented by hail, you could have an eyesore for years, or be forced to pay for the repair out of pocket. We have photos of huge buildings with 26 gauge standing seam that has hail damage.

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What Is the Best Type Of Metal Roofing?

The most reliable and attractive type of metal roofing is standing seam metal roofing, by far. Standing seam metal roofs have no exposed fasteners. The panels interlock, and seal around the edges. While you may pay a little more for this type of roof over some of the cheaper metal roofs, standing seam metal roofs are one of the most durable roofs you can buy. It may well be the last roof you pay for, as they can last in excess of 50 years.

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What is the Most Common Type Of Metal Roof?

The more common type of metal roof is the exposed fastener metal roof, sometimes called agricultural panel or R panel roofing. This type of roof is installed by driving screws right through the metal, resulting in hundreds of thousands or even millions of holes in your metal roof. Each hole is sealed by a neoprene washer. Each screw must be driven just right, perpendicular to the roof, carefully compressing its washer just the right amount to seal that hole. Those washers last about 10 years in average conditions, and replacing them is considered maintenance. Other roofers will slather unsightly caulking or mastic all over the fasteners in the hopes that will seal the roofs – but this is rarely a long-lasting solution.

Other Metal Roof Types

Corrugated metal roofs are also sometimes used in warehouses, barns, and other industrial and agricultural buildings, when economy is more important than aesthetics.

Weathered metal roofs are starting to see a rise in popularity, also. These are still fairly uncommon though. The look is distinctive – they are allowed to rust, which forms a protective coating.

Whatever kind of metal roof you have, 5 Star can repair or replace it. If it is damaged, or you think it might be, schedule a free roof evaluation. We’ll come onsite and inspect your roof for damage. We can also determine if there is underlying moisture, and help you determine the best approach to get your roof back in shape.

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